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Supermarket Security Services

Spear Security Management is a California based company specializing in security management solutions. Spear Security provides security for both individuals and large corporations, including everything from supermarket security services to personal bodyguards. The safety of our clients and their merchandise is of utmost importance, and our staff of highly trained security guards is always professional, alert and ready to jump into action to protect our clientele. One of our popular security solutions is the supermarket security service, which is used by grocery stores for various safety purposes.

Our supermarket security services prevent shoplifting and internal theft, help secure deliveries, and watch for suspicious activity during non-business hours. Shoplifting is a major source of profit loss for supermarkets, which is why large and small supermarkets alike choose to have security personnel in their stores. Supermarket security service guards reduce shoplifting within the store on more than one level: first, they act as a deterrent to would-be shoplifters with their presence.  Secondly, supermarket security service guards are trained to notice the slightest suspicious behavior, and can confront and apprehend individuals who are shoplifting.

Aside from shoplifters, internal theft can also be a cause for concern for supermarkets. Hiring Spear Security’s guards to monitor employee behavior acts as an outside audit to prevent internal employee theft and corruption. Finally, our supermarket security services are a great option for stores located in or near troubled neighborhoods. The presence of a security guard outside the market deters vandalism as well as nighttime theft when the supermarket is closed. 

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