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Spear Security has a team of highly trained security personnel who are qualified to serve on our security guard services Los Angeles group. Our security guard services are ideal for both corporate and personal needs, and have provided their security services at everything from hospitals, sporting events and concerts to nightclub doors and high profile corporate or private events. Along with a prescheduled, regular duty type of service, our security guards are also available to be on call for rapid response situations that may arise with our clients. We have a twenty four hour a day response window, meaning that our clients can rest easy knowing they are protected and safe around the clock. Additionally, our security guard service accounts are available for our clients online at our website for online management of their security needs.


Our security guards are complete professionals who are guaranteed to provide a sharp, high profile appearance, a discreet, low profile attitude and qualified, rapid response should a security breach occur. The men and women on our security guard service Los Angeles team are highly trained, and continue their on the job training regularly to make sure they are always prepared to handle the most current threats. Additionally, we provide a vehicle field supervisor for our security guard teams who serves as an experienced point of contact to organize the security effort. Spear Security also maintains fire and safety consultants as part of our security guard services team to ensure preparedness for any and all security related situations. Regardless of your security guard needs, our California team is skilled and ready to provide a safe environment for you and your company.
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