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Construction Site Security Services

Construction sites are a playground for thieves, looters and vandals. From neighborhood hoodlums to disgruntled employees, construction sites and their inventory can fall prey to numerous criminal predators. Construction site security services have become an invaluable commodity in today's rapidly growing building sector. With the Obama administration's influx of government funding, thousands of new buildings and developments will be under construction soon, and will require construction site security services. Construction site security services offer the owner and manager of the construction site a peace of mind that their equipment, property and materials that they have invested in are safe and sound.


Spear Security is a California based security firm that has gained a reputation for offering reliable, affordable construction site security services. Spear Security has been helping Californians protect their construction sites for years. We offer experienced security guards who can be trusted to protect your assets. Spear Security guards are well trained and equipped for any construction site security services; they are always on time, professionally dressed, and respond appropriately to the threats of the situation. Construction site robbery and theft can cost an owner tremendously. Loss from theft can turn a profitable project into a losing endeavor. Construction site security services are a small investment for an owner to protect their project. Construction site services are an effective method for owners to ensure the success of their project. Spear Security is one of California's finest construction site security service providers and will leave construction sites well protected in good hands.
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